Ugo Paliotto

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His truly unique, incredibly communicative voice has made Ugo Paliotto one of the top singing stars on the show business landscape. 

When he opens his mouth and thrills the crowd with his romantic lyric tenor voice, it is little wonder that audiences quickly fall in love with him.

He has crossed a  musical career that spans the pinnacles of both the worlds of classical and popular music, with huge artistic professionalism.

Ugo Paliotto was born April 29, 1973 in Naples, a city that music has a principle role in Italy.
When he was 4 years old his family decided to move to Ischia, a little island in the bay of Naples.
Ugo describes his childhood and upbringing as a nice and quiet existence, surrounded by the simplest pleasures of family, friends, nature and music.
Since he was young he has had an unusually flexible voice, and he learned to use it properly.
It has been said of many great singers that they have an almost physical need to sing, a need that can express itself.
Ugo was no exception. As a child he truly loved to sing.
Qualified in piano at the Conservatory of music of Salerno – Italy, he began his career as young concert artist.
Later he started the profession of pianist-singer, before in the orchestra and after as a soloist.
At the same time he participated in many singing-festivals in Italy getting many awards.
At the age of 18 he began to study singing in Naples with Jenny Sorrenti. 
One year later Ugo studied jazz piano in Rome with the great jazz player Cinzia Gizzi (she teaches at the Umbria Jazz Festival - Italy).
After some years he discovered a great passion for the Opera.
He finally decided to devote his life to the musical dream so he began to study lyric singing with the soprano Antonella Iacono.
Later he follows an advanced singing course with the great tenor Salvatore Fisichella and He qualified in singing at the Conservatory of music of Naples – Italy.
Italy's greatest tenors, such as Caruso, Gigli and Pavarotti, have inspired admiration and enthusiasm in him.
In love with the Opera, the dream of his life was to become a Tenor.
Ugo devoured opera recordings of the Italian musical tradition, dreaming of following in the footsteps of his idols.
In 2001 his vocation for music took him over the borders of his Country.
The schedule in the last 13 years took Ugo to work on board luxurious cruise ship lines, where he performs for international audiences creating his own “One Man Show”.
At the same time Ugo has appeared extensively throughout Europe and Asia playing major Concert Halls and Theaters.

He played the role of Duke of Mantova in Rigoletto, Cavaradossi in Tosca and Alfredo in Traviata.

Wherever he performs, the audiences are charmed by his Italian charisma and his powerful outstanding voice.
Ugo draws his repertoire from the most famous classical Opera to the unforgettable Neapolitan songs (his dialect) and international pop charts in many languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese.

He has a particular ability to sing a kind of songs that only an Italian Singer has, and the fact that he is from Naples, it's only natural that when he sings some Neapolitan songs, the reaction of the audiences is wild.

Ugo works hard to improve his standards, and constantly demonstrates the highest levels of artistry and versatility that mark a high class singer.


Ugo’s favourite motto is: Live Every Moment Like Is The Last One Of Your Life”.


One Of The Greatest Pleasures In My Life Is To Give Moments Of Joy To My Listeners.

Ugo Paliotto
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